The Company now offers a spectrum of products services which include: –

  1. New Inkjet / LaserJet Cartridges :-

We at Super Image believe in providing not just low-cost products but value for money in supply in supply

Of Printer Consumables Viz. Inkjet, LaserJet Cartridges, etc. This benefits the customer who may otherwise

End up buying spurious products in the process of achieving lower cost of purchase.

  1. Recycled Inkjet /LaserJet Cartridges :-

Here Super Image is a leader in providing products & services to quality Conscious customers. The company has experience in this Industry. Even today many small enterprises to corporate do not use Recycled Cartridges due to their past Bad experience.  However Super Image has a long list of extremely satisfied customers who are availing our services.  Most of  Super Image clients are referrals than Direct Marketing.

  1. Per Copy & Per Toner Basic (Black/White & Color):-

This is the most popular & cost effective scheme for customers wanting to lower costs without compromising on print quality & Printer Life.

As most of the corporate still avoid using Recycled Cartridges due to their past bad experience, Super Image came up with a new scheme to cater to their requirements. Super Image provides its own LaserJet Printers on cost-per-copy & per Toner basis.  So the issue of cartridges, printer & service are all taken care by us & in the process reduce the customer’s monthly bills by approximately 40% to 50%.

  1. Free Printer maintenance on Purchase of Compatible Toners (Non Comprehensive AMC)

Under this contract Super Image shall provide service from 10:00 am to 07:00 pm on all Working days to Keep your printers in good working order. This AMC consists of corrective Maintenance that includes Carrying out the necessary repairs and replacement of parts. Under this Non-comprehensive maintenance contract the following services will be provided. Quarterly preventive Maintenance and testing, (without any spare parts). Our service engineers shall attend the printers within 6 working hours from the time of complaint. Spare Parts required for Maintenance will be provided either by customers or will be charged extra by Super Image with your instruction. We maintain log registers for preventive maintenance records of all your attended calls /Pending issues (if any) / and details of parts replacement.

  1. Super Image – Toner Cartridge Refilling Advantage :-
  1. Cost Saving, Excellent Low Rates: Unquestionably, cost is the principal advantage of our toner              refill products. Save as much as 80% off the retail price of a brand new, OEM print cartridge.
  2. Top Quality: As good as the branded cartridge and deliver the same quality prints100% Guarantee: All refilling is done with premium refilling kits with money back guarantee.
  3. Instant Refill: Perform instant refills right at your premises or through free pickup and delivery.
  4. Friendly Service: Great Friendly Service, Clear Communication, Excellent Value and Accuracy We have full service, self-sufficient refilling, and repair and maintenance service center serving in Mumbai.
  5. Multiple Refill: Almost all Laser printer toner cartridges can be refilled for several times with the  Replacement of some moveable parts like (Drum, PCR, Bleds). We take care of the optimum use of yourPrint toners. Though toner powder is non-toxic in nature, we consider all health and safety purpose while refilling your print toner, and its installation.
  6. Computer, Laptop & LED Maintenance & AMC:- Super Image through its Computer Annual Maintenance Contract Services packages provides round the  Year maintenance support.

We offer two types of Annual Maintenance Contracts: – 

  1. Non – Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract: – It’s the most attractive & economical solution. Non-comprehensive AMC includes all repair & services related to Hardware, Software & Networking, only the cost of defective parts / items, critical repairing, licensed software etc.
  2. Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract: – This includes the repairing, services & replacement of all items related to Hardware, which covered under AMC. Also, you would get full support for Software & Networking. But the cost of licensed software etc. would borne by the client. The plan for Comprehensive-AMC can be quoted only after the evaluation of the items.