Super Image Provides print service model even helps you with your mission to attain document stability and environment sustainability by offering recycled and compatible laser cartridges and toners.
we are concerned with the total maintaining and optimising cost of your printers. With integrated Managed Print Services, you can reduce your printing expenses upto a whopping 60%.

Laser printers work in a dramatically different manner than inkjet printers. A laser projects the image of a document onto the printing drum, which is electrically charged. This image is then sprayed with dry ink, or toner, which sticks to the charged areas. The drum is then rolled onto paper and the ink is fused to the paper by a heat source. This printing process differs dramatically from inkjets because the entire document is loaded into the printer, rather than in a continuous stream, as is the case with inkjets. This difference makes the laser printer ideal for entirely different printing needs than the inkjet.

High-quality Laser Toner Cartridges

  • Pay only per page or per cartridge cost
  • Get a free printer/copier with maintenance
  • Save 60% on printing cost
  • Free on-site printer engineer

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